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Staging Tips for Your Plymouth, Northville, and Canton Property

Imagine: you've found the right price for your home, marketed it to potential buyers, and finally have a few people interested in setting up a showing. How do you make sure that your house does nothing less than impress? Stage it well! Not only will a well-staged home keep buyers interested, but you could even stand to make a greater profit. 

From freshening up the exterior to adding those final touches, here are our top tips for a successful staging. Want more personalized suggestions? Just let us know, and we can do a walkthrough of your home! 

The Exterior

Create Curb Appeal

The outside of your home will set the tone for the rest of the showing, so you want to make sure that everything—from your mailbox to your front lawn—is looking its best. Power wash the exterior, add some color to your garden, pull up those extra weeds, and maybe even add some seasonal lawn decor.

Make the Front Porch Welcoming

If you play your cards right, your front porch can be one of the most welcoming areas of your home! Be sure to brush away the dust and cobwebs, put out a fresh "Welcome" mat, polish up the doorknobs and house numbers, and make everything cozy and tidy. 

Spruce Up Outdoor Areas

Here in Michigan, the weather stays mild for most of the year (besides those winters, of course), so buyers are going to be looking at the potential that your outdoor space offers. Help them out a little! Add in a fire pit, put out some potted plants, and emphasize all the ways you can use the space—and don't forget to mow and weed!

Cleaning & Repairs

Clear Out the Clutter

Not only does clutter probably stress you out, but it also doesn't help the buyer feel calm, cool, and collected, either. If you're already staging your home, then it'll make your life a little less stressful to get a jump start on packing, anyway!

Finish Maintenance Projects

The last thing a buyer wants is to inherit a to-do list in their new home. If you have any outstanding repairs you've been putting off—from fixing that leaky faucet to patching up the roof—then be sure to get it done before the buyers walk through the door. 

Clean, Clean & CLEAN!

It's one of the easiest and most helpful things you can do! You might not notice the dust in the corners or stains on the floor, but a buyer certainly will. Take the time to roll up your sleeves and put some elbow grease into every area of your home. Trust us, buyers will notice if you don't! 

Interior Decor

Depersonalize Your Decor

Everybody has their own unique sense of style, so a buyer may not like the way you choose to decorate. In an effort to help them better visualize themselves in your home, consider small changes like painting the walls a neutral color, and taking down some of decorations you have around the home. 

Create Balance with Furniture

Furniture can say a lot about a room. Is the living room centered around a TV or are the couches facing each other to encourage conversation? Does the bedroom have space for a desk so you can work from home? Think about ways to intentionally arrange the rooms to create ideal moods.

The Final Details

Increase Your Lighting

Not only is natural lighting a mood-booster, but it will also make your space seem bigger, so throw open those curtains and let the sunlight in! If the weather doesn't cooperate, consider swapping out your bulbs for a softer wattage and using lamps instead of overhead lighting.

Bring the Outdoors In

If you want to keep your decor neutral, then plants and flowers are a great option! Not only will it add a little pop of color, but it may even add a nice subtle scent, as well. Think about what to use based on the season, whether it's sunflowers, pinecones, or evergreen wreaths, and up your home's aesthetic. 

Your Plymouth, Northville, and Canton Area Home Selling Resources

If you're ready to sell your the Plymouth, Northville, or Canton area home, then it's time to give our team a call. These handy home-staging tips are just the beginning of what we have to offer our home sellers! Take some time to explore our selling resources, and let us know when you're ready to get started.